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First Interview

I interviewed Becca Rose. She has been a volunteer at the Maryland Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MDSPCA) since January of 2009. She volunteers in the clinic where the animals are immediately handled after being surrendered/dropped off. 

Rose says people adopt/buy pets for various reasons, but mostly for friendship. Pets serve as companions for people as well as for other pets. The reasons for getting rid of pets or “throwing them away” also varies. Owners may have financial problems, or they just no longer wish to care for their pets – the MDSPCA gets a lot of these.

When owners realize they don’t want their pets any longer, they usually drop the animals off at the MDSPCA or local shelters. (At the MDSPCA owners can surrender their pets for a small fee. They can also drop their pets off after hours in the MDSPCA’s fenced-in area, but it’s not guaranteed that the animals will be found and cared for so this is not advised).   

Rose says many of the pets that come in are underweight because their owners have simply stopped caring for them. Animals that are emaciated (skin and bone) tend to be euthanized (put to sleep). Emaciation leads to many other health complications so it’s hard for the animals to be cared for with such limited finances. Many of the neglected animals that come in suffer from a variety of health problems. Mange (a type of skin problem) is common of stray animals, while other health complications include fleas, ticks, eye problems, tumors and parasites (like worms).

Rose advises people who are thinking about becoming pet owners to do the research first. Also, interact with the prospective pet to see if it’s a good match, and of course, to check their financial situations. Finally, if an owner can no longer care for his/her pet, Rose says “don’t just let your animal out on the streets.” They should try to find a good home for it first, or they should surrender their pet to the MDSPCA.    

Check here for more information about the MDSPCA.

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  1. rhiannon86
    November 30, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    This topic is truly touching. It’s hard to believe that someone would think it’s OK to simply put their domesticated animal out on the streets. Rose’s testimony made me think about how common it is for people to make these quick decisions to get a puppy or kitten and don’t think of the financial responsibility that comes with a small animal. It’s just like having a baby. I’m interested to see what else you have done with this topic. Good interview!

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