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Obsession with Small Pets

Last week, my interviewee Mike Carter talked about the main characteristic that people look for in pets is size. They want small, small, small.

Well, apparently the United States isn’t the only country to obsess with all things that are small. Thanks to breeder Jane Croft, the citizens of Great Britain are obsessing over teacup pigs, the newest trend in pets, according to the article “Adorable ‘teacup pigs’ are latest hit with Brits.”

These tiny pigs have even become a big hit with celebrities. Rubert Grint, a star of the Harry Potter series, has already gotten his hands on two of them.  

However, my interviewee this week, Nichole Miller said that people should not just fall in love with the looks of an animal. Instead, they should think more futuristically.

Croft pointed out in the article that her new bred little pigs can’t ever be left alone in the house; they have to have space; and, they have to be sold in pairs.

People should consider these factors before adopting or purchasing a pet. Whether an animal is small and cute shouldn’t be the only, or even the main reason for getting a pet. Animals have needs, which Croft clearly articulates to people before selling her small pigs.  Pets, like the small pigs, require lots of attention and lots of affection.

Although the miniature pigs are the must have pets right now, it will be interesting to see what happens to them in the future. Will they become just thrown away pets?

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  1. rhiannon86
    November 30, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    I like post because it shines light on other types of pets. I’ve actually heard of people buying little pigs for pets, but I had no idea people are breeding mini pigs. It sounds like a cute idea, but do you ever wonder if it goes against like, natural law or something. Like, Ligers or hybrid animals. It makes me wonder if they’re meant to be bred like that. Either way, once again, small pets require lots of responsibility, just like babies. Cool topic!

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